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What are the security systems available for residents?

24/7 guarding service is available at Le Parc. Other than that, we do offer free surveillance cameras and burglar alarm in each house, which greatly enhance the security system offered by the guards. The cameras are also viewable on smartphones so you can always check what is going on inside of the house when you are away.

Why is Le Parc Residence so green and shady?

We planted a lot of trees all over Le Parc to ensure perfect green living for all residents. Each tree is planted with consideration of when they are going to shed leaves, meaning the whole community will never go brown. It is an evergreen community, all year round. Tall trees of over 10-meter height is also there for you to enjoy, especially at the front gate. The overall percentage of trees per project is 8%, which is 1.3 times over the normal regulation.

How far is Le Parc Residence from the entrance of Soi Tientalae 28?

Le Parc is 700 meters away from the entrance of Soi Tientalae 28. The distance between the estate and Rama 2 road is 7 kilometers.

What other facilities can I find around Le Parc Residence?

Other than Mini Big C and 7-11 at the entrance of Soi Tientalae 28, Le Parc is a few kilometers away from Central Rama 2, The Bright Rama 2, Big C, and Tesco Lotus. Hospitals and schools nearby are Nakornthon Hospital, Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, and Suankularb Wittayalai Thonburi School. There are also many restaurants that offer delicious seafood menus for your delightful dining.

Le Par Residence is small-scale with only 63 units available. Does that mean the annual community fee is going to be pricier than larger housing estates?

At Le Parc Residence we value above all the convenience of our inhabitants. We designed the project in such a way that all commodities are equally accessible to everyone. Le Parc Residence requires 25 baht per square wah be paid, while other estates call for around 22-30 baht per square wah annual payment.

What are other projects that The Backyard has taken care of in the past?

For The Backyard, Le Parc Residence is our first hands-on project. Originally, we started off as a construction engineering company and has been in business for over 30 years. We have an idea of “building a better home at a fair price for our customers” and have been doing so since 1986. That value is the very core of our identity. Further, all shareholders of The Backyard also manage Fujiko, a company specializes in security cameras, so business expertise is guaranteed. The Backyard will continue to operate under this value and we really do need your support for our upcoming projects.